Saturday: Date Day

After a grizzly few days from a long haul of blue skies and hot weather, peering out of the curtains at the Saturday sun was the deal breaker for me, today would be date day.

Date day aka couples time, quality togetherness, just two love birds keeping the spark alive. My boyfriend (Liam) and I have been together for almost two years now after spending the first 11 months commuting to and fro in a long distance relationship. For those of you have been or are in a long distance relationship will understand me when I say although doable, be prepared to but the effort in, thirteen hours on a coach every month from Cornwall to Leeds amount of effort.

After a short long easy hard decision, we both came to the conclusion that in order to make a real go of what we’ve got, one of us had to move. It was sorted, twas the night before Christmas eve that Liam made the cultural transition from rugged Bradford to rural Cornwall.

Since then we have both adjusted  to living at my four bedroom semi detached house, shared with my mother and two dogs. I had recently moved back home from studying Journalism at a University in Surrey, so I had my fair share of adjusting to home life as well. Whilst both of us enjoyed our new found freedom and were enjoying living together, our days consisted mainly of waking up sometime between mid to late afternoon, the occasional trip into to town for lunch and late nights falling asleep as the sun rose.

A few months in we got jobs, jobs we both enjoy however the reality of the working world quickly threw our new found freedom out the window. Now the only time we see 6am is when we are waking up not climbing into bed, late nights are a thing of a past and weekends we spend hibernating with the day just slipping by. The odd occasion we do spend together usually consists of me on my laptop and Liam on his phone – who said romance was dead?

I’m not going to lie, it took some convincing to get my boyfriend to partake in a spot of ‘Couples Time’, but as a woman and rightly so I twisted his arm. To make this day work I knew full well I had to pull out all the stops, as a result I knew what I had to do…

First on the agenda: Crazy Golf 10561803_10154364756220577_6100485222396140723_n-1

I knew this would be a big hit for the boyfriend, after attending a Wedding back in May where the reception was held at a swanky Golfing Range, Liam now thinks he is a pro golfer. To spice the game up, I threw in an added incentive, whoever won the game had to pay for dinner – he was going down!

Now I am certainly no Tiger Woods, but I can sure swing a club or two, putting however is a different story. After failing to put my 7th try, I decided the only way to win this was by cheating – a lot. Tallying up our final scores and I still lost, cheating included! To my surprise Liam had other ideas, instead of packing up and heading to lunch he decided to treat me to a trip to the Zoo – he was really starting to get the hang of this date day palaver!

How did I rate the date: Bring out your competitive side, it’s called Crazy Golf for a reason you know! Have a game at Trenance’s Crazy Golf Course and be a top girlfriend!


Second on the agenda: Newquay Zoo


Hello I’m Imogen Coleman and I’m animalohlic.

Both Liam and I are self confessed animal lovers with Sir David Attenborough frequently making an appearance on our screens, TV mobile and laptop.

With only an hour left until the zoo closed, we had to move quickly if we were going to see every animal- twice over. After discovering my love for Red Panda’s and repeating *simples* to the MeerKat’s desperate from one to come out of hiding wearing a red velvet robe, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the animals locked away in cages. Thats why I didn’t feel guilty for laughing when visiting the African Lion, the territorial king of the jungle in a macho lion kind of manner, sprayed his feline juices all over a baby in a pram… ok so maybe I shouldn’t of laughed as hard as I did.

However, the highlight of the trip for me was seeing my favourite animal in the whole wide world – a sloth. What a wonderful creature, just hanging out minding his business, you have got to really envy sloths.

How did I rate the date:  I definitely felt the love that night at Newquay Zoo, even a little lion spray didn’t dampen the mood.


Last on the list: Fish and Chips at Porth Reservoir


With Newquay at this time of year being the prime get away for many families and stags, venturing into the chaotic town was something I deseperatly tried to avoid. Instead of sitting down for lunch by a busy beach and sea gulls swiping our pasties, we headed to Porth Reservoir in hand with a fresh portion of fish and chips – lovely!

How did I rate the date: A fish supper at the location where the fish frolic freely, Porth Reservoir a perfect plaice (don’t cringe to hard) for a relaxed finish to our date.

Heading home I reflected on our afternoon and finally came to the conclusion that not only am I rubbish at golf, I have a slight addiction for sloths and I make terrible fish jokes – Oh and I am totes in love with the boyf. Finished off with a spooning session on the sofa with a tub of Ben n Jerry’s ice-cream, I could really get use to his this date day 😉

Think you can do better? Share your idea of a perfect date….


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