Splashing is so Last Summer

Today was the day that I decided to finally dig out my old tattered bikini and dive into the deep end… I was going swimming.

I wouldn’t call myself the most confident nor graceful swimmer, but I can just about manage a good old front crawl and classic breast stroke. Last summer I got the smart idea to join the gym and go swimming, in a desperate attempt from working at the local Chinese, to shift the few extra pounds of fried rice I had acquired.

After joining the local gym it became apparent that if I was going to dip my toe into swimming, I would be in the company of a pool full of hyperactive kids, splashing and dunking their school holidays away. Luckily for me, I had a second option, this was the moment I discovered the beauty, the pleasure, the bliss – the Hydrotherapy pool.

Now for those of you who have never been an acquaintance of this god send of a pool, I think its time you get to experience the extravagance yourself.

Nothing screams luxury and indulgence more than a warm, therapeutic, blissful swim in a Hydrotherapy pool.

Today, I was re-united.


With the place to myself, I walked into the dimly lit wet spa where I was greeted with an exquisite scent – I was in heaven. The wet spa consists of a Hydrotherapy pool, Jacuzzi, Steam room and Sauna the ultimate luxurious experience. Stroke by stroke my body felt light in the water, as if I didn’t weigh an ounce (very hard to imagine, I know). Quietly in the back ground played gentle soothing music adding to the ambiance, whilst the decor of earthy elements played with my senses, transporting me into a tranquil paradise. This was utter bliss. Forty five minutes later and it hadn’t even felt like ten, completing 30 lengths in the pool, my stomach felt tight and my arms felt strong, I didn’t know a luxury workout was ever possible.

For the last fifteen minutes, I treated myself to a bit of me time in the Jacuzzi and Steam room, letting the everyday worries of life just slip away in the steam.

Stepping out of the spa, I felt revived and relaxed, who knew swimming could be so freeing.

Now when I walk past a swimming pool with rubber rings flying up in the air and screams so loud that are enough to make dogs howl, I simply smile grab a towel ,and head straight to the Hydrotherapy pool for that extra bit of bliss.


*Image taken from Atlantic Reach, Indigo Spa website



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