Lost in Amsterdam


A girls 21st birthday is like her initiation into woman hood. Although officially when one turns eighteen they are classed as a responsible adult, but do you honestly know any eighteen year olds that you would describe as an adult or reponsible?

With this in mind, where better could I have explored my new found woman hood than the city that literally explores women in every hood – Amsterdam.

Alongside a few good friends, we packed our comfy’s (it was November at the time and wet, very wet) and flew to the Netherlands ready for our fun packed weekend adventure.

To sum the trip up overall, I could only explain the experience in three words: Eyeopening, Sex and Coffee shop.

And Coffee shop we certainly did. On the last day of our Dutch outings we ventured the city on search for the ultimate Coffee shop until we eventually ventured right outside of the city centre. Roaming around the local areas of Amsterdam, the division of the tourist and rural parts of the city became apparent. Unlike bikes circling the area there were now cars, in place of women selling themselves in windows, were now just your bog standard double glazed.

It wasn’t until we were actually lost in Amsterdam that we actually came across the Coffee shop we were looking for – Lost in Amsterdam.

12010094475_a2481df02e_zWith it’s quirky native boho interior, we were in awe when entering the Coffee shop.

Dub re-mixes played quietly in the background, whilst casual travellers from all over the globe chilled back in the little caves of cushions and pillows scattered around the shop.

The Coffee shop itself consisted of a few floors, each separate floor displaying a unique and dynamic layout. The colours and ambiance were magnetic…even before testing the infamous Dutch greenery.

A cozy Coffee shop where you can just relax, sip tea and smoke what ever you wish.

A must visit place whilst exploring this amazing city!


*Lost in Amsterdam image taken from Google Images